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Colorado Women's College


Frequently Asked Questions

Why attend Colorado Women's College?

Colorado Women's College is a small, friendly college where you can earn a well-respected degree from the University of Denver (DU). Our graduates are leaders working for IBM, Go Daddy and the Nike Foundation — just to name a few. Once you graduate you are part of two large alumni networks, the DU Alumni Association  and Colorado Women's College Alumnae Association . You'll receive the benefits of both organizations including the networking events and career services benefits.

How much does it cost?

A University of Denver education represents an investment in your future. A DU degree makes employers take notice, and it opens doors into the top-ranked graduate and professional programs in the country. The University's commitment to adult education begins with significantly reducing Colorado Women's College cost per credit hour from the traditional rate making it affordable and competitively priced. More>>

Do I have to file a FAFSA?

You have the opportunity to apply for federal financial aid. Many scholarships will ask that you have a completed FAFSA. If you would prefer not to use federal financial aid, other payment options are available. More>>

Are there scholarships available?

All students submit an essay in the application process. These items help determine, along with the information obtained from your FAFSA report, eligibility for new student scholarships. Scholarships help students offset some of the expense of a college education, and they will follow the students through graduation. More>>

Are there online classes?

Yes. You will be given assignments and deadlines but will not have to be physically at the College or at a computer during a designated time. However, the majority of the degree requirements will be earned while taking classes on campus.

Why do your programs include math, science, and language classes?

Our academic programs are rooted in liberal arts curriculum preparing students for inquisitive, analytical, and global problem solving. Students sharpen their skills to respond to industry changes and trends, advance their careers, or prepare to enter the job market. Resources are available free of charge to help students succeed. More>>

Where are the classes held?

The Merle Catherine Chambers Center for the Advancement of Women was built to honor women—it is our home on the beautiful University of Denver campus. We share the facility with organizations dedicated to advancing women and girls; specifically, women's education, leadership, philanthropy, and community service. The majority of our classes are held in the Chambers Center, and others are held in Sturm Hall or other nearby facilities on campus. More>>

Do I need to take the ACT or SAT?

Although we do not require ACT or SAT scores, applicants will need to have a high school diploma or a GED.

How do I apply?

Submit a complete application package which includes:

  • an application
  • an essay and
  • official transcripts from your high school and previous colleges you have attended

Once all these items are received applicants meet with an adviser for an enrollment conference.

How do I know which previous credits will transfer in?

Three general factors affect the transferability of credits: the subject matter, the institution where the credits were earned, and the course grade. More about transfer policy>>

How do transferred credits fit into your degree plans?

The University of Denver will comply with the Colorado Statewide Transfer Policy. For more information, read the Transfer Credit Guide.