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Colorado Women's College



Whether you are applying to a degree program, a certificate program, or for special status it is easier than you may think. If you plan to use student loans and scholarships, you may also want to apply for financial aid.


Step 1
Apply: Apply online or download and print an application (submit via fax or mail). To print an application click here. Note: if you have previously been a student at Colorado Women's College, do not use this application. Please call your adviser instead.

Step 2
Submit an ESSAY:

Requirements - Font: Times New Roman, 12 point. Double spaced. Name and date in upper left hand corner. Approximately 500 words. Topic: Reflect on your previous academic experience in either high school or college. How can you incorporate what you learned about yourself as a student into a plan that will assure your success at Colorado Women's College?

Three ways to submit your essay:

  1. E-mail attachment to:
  2. Fax 303-871-6897
  3. Mail Colorado Women's College, 1901 E. Asbury Avenue, Suite 120, Denver, CO 80208-1000

Step 3
Submit Transcripts: Transcripts are official if they are received in sealed envelopes directly from the issuing institution. Applicants with less than 45 successfully completed quarter-hour credits (30 semester-hour credits) must submit official high school transcripts or GED scores.

Additional or different steps are required for:

First-Time First-Year Students
Applicants are required to submit scores from either the American College Test (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Reasoning Test. The test results are used in determining admission status, awarding scholarships, and in assisting with academic planning. Applicants who have graduated three or more years prior to the quarter in which they intend to enroll are not required to submit ACT/SAT test results.

Transfer Students
We accept credit from accredited institutions of higher learning and your admission counselor can help you articulate your earned degree. An adviser will contact you to schedule a conference once your application is complete and the Admission Committee has made a decision.

Special Status

If you want to take classes and not pursue a degree or certificate program (up to 15 total credit hours) apply for admission through special status. All that is required is the admission application. Credits earned with special status can be used towards a degree.
If you have questions please call 303-871-6848.