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Colorado Women's College

Degree Programs

Degree Programs

Bachelor's Degrees

Business Administration

Business Administration is offered in partnership with DU's Daniels College of Business, a nationally recognized leader in business education. You'll deepen your understanding of complex issues and develop the skills to compete in a demanding marketplace.


The Communication degree examines both human and mass communications, exploring everything from nonverbal and interpersonal communication to group and team dynamics—all while developing the skills for careers in public relations, journalism, and media management.

Information Technology

The Information Technology program provides a technological foundation while exploring project management, communication, and leadership. You'll learn the concepts behind emerging and evolving technologies and explore ways to apply IT for human, organizational and societal benefit.

Law and Society

Law and Society draws from law, humanities, and political science to study legal concepts and people's lives. With a focus on advocacy, comparative law, and criminal justice the degree is excellent preparation for graduate school, and careers in law and public sectors including lobbying and regulatory agencies.