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Is there any facet of your life that can't be improved by a better understanding of communication and application of communication skills and behaviors?

If you are someone who strives to better understand yourself as a member of a family, a group or team, an organization, or a culture, then consider the study of communication. And, if you are interested in the media industry or how media can affect you, the communication degree will help you to become a more critical consumer of mediated messages.

Our program lays the groundwork for life-long learning and professional growth. This gives you the foundation to succeed in a variety of careers, including

  • Business, including Human Resources, Training, Crisis Communication
  • Media Technology
  • Education
  • Project Management and Event Management
  • Public Relations and Advertising
  • Intercultural Communication Consulting
  • Government/Politics

Communication Major

A major in communication equips you with the skills to interact effectively in our diverse and technologically changing world, whether the context is personal or professional, local or global, face to face or mediated.

When combined with a minor in Business, Law and Society, Information Technology, or a certificate, students

  • learn the collaborative skills associated with teamwork
  • develop oral and written skills in advocacy
  • become a critical consumer and ethical creator of mediated messages

To learn more about specific course requirements, click here.

Communication Minor

A minor in Communication can be paired with a major in Information Technology or Law and Society.

An IT major can use her technology skills to more effectively communicate messages in a wide variety of contexts, including groups and electronic media.

A LAS major is interested in advocating change in her community. What better way to accomplish change than with effective oral, written, media savvy, and collaborative communication skills.

To learn more about specific course requirements, click here.

 Conflict Management Studies Certificate  

A degree seeking student, as well as a community member, who wants an increased understanding of conflict management at a variety of levels -- interpersonal, group, organization, national and international--will benefit from the concentration of coursework in this certificate.

To learn more, click here.

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