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Colorado Women's College

Bachelor’s Degrees

Information Technology (IT)

IT professionals would agree that information technology is not just about programming.  It is about identifying problems and devising solutions that deliver real value.

While pursuing a bachelor of arts in IT, students acquire skills to recognize information technology opportunities, define solutions, and apply them to real-world problems.  Former students are working as:

  • Project managers – who lead the effort to build and implement IT systems
  • Business/systems analysts – who work very closely with end users and customers to decide "what" to build
  • Programmers/developers – who write the code reflecting what the users want
  • Database developers – who develop the databases and queries to support a company's information needs
  • Website developers/web masters – who design, develop, and maintain websites

Every organization has IT.  Whatever your interest, you can make a significant contribution with an IT major, minor or certificate.

IT Major

Learn to recognize IT opportunities, develop solutions, and apply them to real-world problems.  Course offerings include project management, business analysis, programming, security, database analysis, and problem solving.  Students can concentrate in a particular area of IT such as project leadership, business analysis or a technical area.

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IT Minor

Complete 20 hours of IT courses that can add critical knowledge to any major.

  • Communication majors use their IT skills to apply, enhance, and broaden the communication of information within organizations.
  • Law and Society majors can recognize the ramifications of intellectual property, security, and ethical and privacy concerns.

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IT Certificate

Earn a certificate in Web Development & Design, Business Analysis, or Project Development after completing 20 hours of IT courses.

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Dual Degree

IT students interested in pursuing a graduate degree from University College in Information and Communications Technology may take up to two University College graduate courses that will count as electives. The courses will also count toward the graduate degree.

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