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Colorado Women's College

Bachelor’s Degrees

Law and Society (LAS)

The Law and Society Program is an interdisciplinary, liberal arts field emphasizing law, political science and sociology. We include critical reflection and critique as vehicles for inquiry. Our goal is to help students develop their capacity as leaders and participants in social and legal structures and processes through comprehensive inquiry and responsible action.

These skills developed in the LAS program are relevant to students' career endeavors and advanced studies. Approximately 80% of our LAS graduates pursue advanced study in law, public policy, social work or non-profit management. Students typically pursue careers in government, non-profit advocacy or attend law school.

Women who chose this major are:

  • Prepared for a rigorous academic curriculum which focuses on secondary analysis and writing
  • Concerned about social justice
  • Eager to influence positive societal change
  • Interested in the complex relationships between society and law
  • Determined to advocate for change in their communities and the world
  • Seek to view a societal challenge through multiple perspectives.

What will I learn and what can I do with a LAS Major?
The interdisciplinary liberal arts LAS curriculum enables students to become informed, well-rounded critical thinkers who can respond analytically to complex phenomena and be advocates for social and legal change.  As such, the study of law and society is not a preparation for any one specific career.  Rather, the major provides a strong foundation for a wide array of professional options, such as:

  • Community Organizing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Lobbyists
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Advocacy
  • Policy Analysis
  • Human and Social Services
  • Legislative Aides
  • Non-Profit Administration
  • State and Local Government

In addition, the major provides solid preparation for students considering graduate work in fields such as law, business, social work, conflict resolution, criminal justice, government and public policy.

LAS Major

The LAS major requires 48 credit hours of coursework (12 courses) in law and society including an introduction to the field, and the study of sociolegal concepts, practices and processes.  The curriculum concludes with a capstone seminar in which students apply their classroom learning in an internship, service learning setting or other experience tailored to their needs and career plans.

In addition to the major requirements, students earning a Bachelor of Arts degree at DU must complete University requirements that include Foundation courses, Liberal Arts courses, required courses for a minor, and general electives.

To learn more about specific course requirements, click here.

LAS Minor

Students minoring in LAS must complete 24 hours of law and society courses.  The LAS program focuses on advanced research and writing and a strong grounding in law.

Communication majors will have a grounding in social and legal structures essential for developing communication campaign particularly when advocating for a particular cause. Information Technology Studies majors with a LAS minor will better understand how to use technology to advance social change, and have a more thorough understanding of legal and social structures.

To learn more about specific course requirements, click here.

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