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Colorado Women's College


Conflict Management

The increasing complexity and diversity of the world in which we live calls for a conscious awareness of potential conflict and the ability to manage conflict, if not resolve it.

An increased understanding of conflict management at a variety of levels—interpersonal, group, organizational, national and international—will be useful in personal and professional contexts, across academic areas of study, and to current as well as prospective students and community members. The goal of the Conflict Management Studies Certificate is to offer an understanding and appreciation of conflict management, as well as related theories that can guide the choice and application of conflict management skills.*

Objectives for students who pursue this certificate include, but are not limited to:

  • Broadening awareness of conflict management on a variety of levels and in a variety of contexts;
  • Choosing the appropriate conflict management tool(s) for a specific conflict;
  • Practicing, with informed feedback, conflict resolution skills appropriate for family and business contexts;
  • Developing knowledge of the conflict management styles of women leaders.
  • Increasing an understanding of group interaction and effective communication within groups;

The Conflict Management Studies Certificate requires 20 hours of coursework encompassing three required courses and a choice of one additional course from the prescribed curriculum.

*The Conflict Management Studies Certificate does not suggest any credentialing or official certification to provide services in alternative dispute resolution.

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