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Colorado Women's College

Degree Programs

Class Options

Many classes have simple schedules.

Many courses meet just one evening a week, for three to four hours, throughout the quarter. So, Foundations of Business Law might take all of your Tuesday evenings for two months, but it's only Tuesday. You don't have to make it to campus three times a week for just one class.

Blended classes

Blended classes mean less time spent in class and more work done online. For example, Social Science Research Methods might meet Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to noon throughout the quarter, but you will also participate in online discussions. So you're interacting with your classmates and professors, but on your schedule and from places other than campus.

Interterm classes meet intensely, but for just two weeks.

Interterm classes are accelerated, offered in a two-week format between quarters, to help students graduate sooner. They may meet multiple days of the week. For example, if you took Principles of Persuasion during Winter interterm, you would spend three hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings on campus for two weeks in late November/early December, plus a session on the Saturday morning in between the two weeks. Intense, but that's one full class (four credits) done in just two weeks.

Online courses meet on your schedule.

If your schedule changes week to week or you have unpredictable responsibilities, an online course gives you the most flexibility. Online courses have no set meeting times, although there will be deadlines about online discussions of topics.

The Quarter System

Our academic year is divided into four even quarters of 10 weeks each: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. Between each quarter is an interterm during which you may study abroad or take intensive courses specially designed for two-week delivery.

See if Blended Classes are Right for You

Blended classes meet part of the time in the classroom and the other part online. When your class meets online, you will be given assignments and deadlines but will not have to be at your computer during a designated time.

The blended format allows you more flexibility in your schedule.