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Colorado Women's College

Dean Lynn Gagnone

About Us

Dean's Message

It is an exciting time to be part of Colorado Women's College. With courage and ingenuity, women are facing changes in their lives and communities, and seeking the tools to make positive change out of these challenges. We have more conviction than ever that well-educated women can become the leaders our world needs, bringing passion, compassion, and justice to critical problems in every industry, every community.

At the College, we believe that such leadership is grounded in a wide worldview as well as in the specialized skills of one's chosen field. That wide worldview comes from our century-old foundation in the liberal arts and from the committed pursuit of inclusive excellence. We have intentionally created a diverse community at the College, striving to offer an unsurpassed educational opportunity for any woman who shares our drive for excellence.

Make no mistake, the courses are challenging and each degree is earned through hard work, scholarship, and achievement—all the hallmarks of a University of Denver (DU) education—but Colorado Women's College is also a learning environment designed around both the practical and intellectual needs of our students. We support and encourage each other. We offer classes on varied schedules and through various media, so each student can proceed toward her goals while she lives out the other parts of her life—working, raising a family, contributing to her community. Each will shape her path here according to her personal goals, enlarging her world, discovering professional passions, and building surprising friendships.

Let me introduce you to the Colorado Women's College community:

Faculty: Our faculty members bring extensive experience in their respective professions and a dedication to teaching into their work with our students. Many are drawn from other parts of DU and many, after first experiencing Colorado Women's College, choose to spend more and more of their teaching attention here. Our professors know how to bring the real world and theoretical models together; they know how to connect academic questions to the challenges of working toward a better world. And they are committed to helping our students become better leaders.

Students: Women arrive at our College from many backgrounds; most have varied interests and responsibilities outside of college. Yet they share one common trait: they are serious about making a change for the better—in their lives, their careers, and their communities. And the College makes that possible. Here, they find challenging coursework in a common curriculum and in advanced classes within select areas. They find mentors, supporters, and friends. They find sisters. They gain the strength, skills, and sagacity to go forward, asking the difficult questions, looking for a more just outcome, and making the changes that will make all the difference.

Alumnae: Our graduates are making a difference in the world. Research suggests that women's college alumnae feel better prepared for life after college, better prepared to work on teams, and better able to relate to people from different backgrounds, than graduates of other types of colleges—and our alumnae prove it. We count leaders within organizations such as the Nike Foundation, CH2M Hill, and IBM among our alumnae. Our strong alumnae network is a testament that the friendships formed at the College don't end on graduation day. With each graduating class, we know our new alumnae will continue this great legacy of engagement.

I am honored to be a member of this community that is expanding horizons and changing women's lives.

I invite you to become a part of our tradition and share in our exciting future.

With warm regards,
Lynn // Dean Lynn M. Gangone, EdD