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Colorado Women's College

Why Us


Why Us

At Colorado Women's College, you'll experience the energy and excitement that is unique to an all-women learning environment. You'll find faculty who drive your ambitions, a prestigious diploma that opens doors and an authentic community in the heart of the DU campus.

What makes us special?

We're a College designed specifically for today's modern woman:

  • Classes held days, evenings, weekends and online
  • Emphasis on academic excellence, global responsibility, community engagement and creative approaches to problem solving
  • High-caliber faculty and small class size
  • Small, supportive all-women environment within a large co-ed institution
  • Student body made up of women who are balancing school, work and other parts of their lives

Why a women's college?

Because it's all about you. Women's colleges empower women in a way unlike any other educational institution. And we have the data to prove it. According to The Hardwick-Day 2012 Comparative Alumnae Survey Research Study, women's college alumnae from across the country:

  • Were more likely to say they greatly benefited from a high quality, teaching-oriented faculty
  • Consistently give their schools higher effectiveness ratings than all others for helping students learn to relate to people of different backgrounds
  • Were more likely than other alumnae to have graduated in four years or less
  • Were more likely than any other group to go on to complete a graduate degree

And that's not all! In a 2007 Indiana University study comparing female students at coeducational and women's colleges, researchers found that students at women's colleges:

  • Were more engaged in effective educational practices and reported higher levels of feelings of support and greater gains
  • Had a greater desire to contribute to their communities
  • Had stronger development of higher order thinking skills
  • Possessed a greater ability to better understand themselves and others
  • Reported more frequent and extensive classroom discussions than their peers at co-ed schools

At Colorado Women's College, our students and faculty have a passion for education and a determination to succeed, which translates into a stimulating and rewarding environment. Students graduate from degree and certificate programs as leaders – with academic knowledge, skills for personal and professional success and a drive to create a better world for everyone.