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Colorado Women's College

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Chambers Center

Building Partners

Higher Education Resource Services (HERS)

Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) is dedicated to creating and sustaining a community of women leaders through leadership development programs and other strategies with a special focus on gender equity within the broader commitment to achieving equality and excellence in higher education.

For nearly 40 years, Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) has provided a curriculum of leadership development to advance women to senior leadership positions throughout the ranks of faculty and staff. Between 1976 and 2014, nearly 5000 women faculty and staff members – from 1200 campuses in the United States and abroad – have participated in intensive residential leadership and management development at one of three HERS Institutes: HERS Wellesley Institute, HERS Bryn Mawr Summer Institute, and HERS Denver Summer Institute.

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Women's Foundation of Colorado (WFCO)

Since 1987, The Women's Foundation of Colorado has been a leader in conducting research, bringing together resources, impacting policy and investing in community partners who share its goals and impact its ability to dramatically change the lives of women and girls in our state. Extensive, strategic research guides WFCO's work and is combined with dedication to education, advocacy and collaboration as it sets the agenda and lead systemic change in Colorado.

WFCO is:

  • committed to creating greater opportunities for economic self-sufficiency and success for all women and girls.
  • proud to be inclusive, diverse and innovative as it serves all types of communities.
  • playing a valuable role as a catalyst to bring together the energy, resources and talents of many individuals who are committed to helping women and girls achieve their full potential.
  • helping combine the power of its generous donors and direct their giving in ways that will make the most tangible and needed impact.

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