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Colorado Women's College

Community & Events

Community and Events

Colorado Women's College at the University of Denver hosts and participates in a variety of events that focus on the advancement of women and girls. Many of our events are free and/or open to the public.

Leadership Salons
A platform where women thought leaders from the College, and the local community, lead conversation and commentary centered on the great issues of the day and their impact on women.

Art Exhibits
Artwork by local, regional and national female artists can be displayed on the walls of the Hirschfeld Gallery, which is housed on the main floor of the Chambers Center. Many times, exhibitions follow our overall dialogue – focusing on the education and advancement of women.

Special Events and Opportunities
From time to time, the College hosts events to celebrate special occasions and recognize and honor students, alumnae, donors and members of the community. We also offer ongoing and special opportunities for students to work together, volunteering their time in the local community.

Student-Only Events
The College, along with the University of Denver hosts a variety of educational and engaging events and activities for students.


Thank you for joining us the evening of November 15th as we celebrated the reclaiming of our legacy name, our past, our future and the achievements of the many women who have walked through our doors.

Location: History Colorado Center
1200 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203


Summer Graduate Tea with the Dean 
August 13, 2014

Summer Commencement
August 15, 2014