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Colorado Women's College

femme in stem collage

CWC Collaboratory

The Colorado Women's College Collaboratory (CWCC) is a 21st century hub for women's advancement in the Rocky Mountain West region that capitalizes on both place and space, and catalyzes collaborative research and engagement that creates knowledge, informs policy, and transforms practice to support women's parity in all sectors of society.

A collaboratory, as defined by Katrina Muff in her edited work: a facilitated space open to everybody, and in particular to concerned stakeholders, to meet on an equal basis to co-create new solutions for societal, environmental or economic issues by drawing on the emergent future. It is a place where people can think, work and learn together to invent their common futures.

The philosophy of the collaboratory revolves around an inclusive learning environment where action learning and action research meet and where the formal separation of knowledge production and knowledge transfer dissolves.1

The Colorado Women's College Collaboratory will focus on gender-informed and thoughtful teaching, cross-disciplinary research, community building, and applied learning. CWCC will advance women and girl's development, success, and leadership, all integrated through a purposeful business model.

1 Muff, Katrina. The Collaboratory: A co-creative stakeholder engagement process for solving complex problems. (2014)